how to learn balence of life or  Energy though Balance lifeguide , meaning of balence of life  in lockdown in  2021

how to learn balence of life or Energy though Balance lifeguide , meaning of balence of life in lockdown in 2021


When we are in self accepted silence or speak slowly or lower voicer, at that time we are healthy in innerself and this is an opportunity for us to see our body. Self culture is not the mind in which you stop speaking at all. In fact, self-accepted silence is one which the person knows what  you want to say, how much and when to speak! This is the real definition of silence.that is called a true means of balence,  Then we do not despise the other's manhood, nor do we see his masculinity. Neglecting yourself or anyone is that  completely is the result of negative thinking, and extra illogical thoughts . And  these two,things makes,  ego is predominant. The only difference is that in denying the other, the ego is young, powerful and in denying itself, it is a child. Actually, we should accept everyone. Actually, what we really we are just enjoy  no tention at all but with out balence the things cannot be changed. 
the work of filtering water is done only after filling the water, but sadly we want to do it in advance. and thats a true mean of that ,  When we do this, we start behaving by filtering out our positive or negative beliefs. The result of this is that we either walk in the direction of  is not doing anything in the disappointment of failure or the arrogance of success does not allow others to see the characteristics. If we want to avoid it, we have to be in the middle. The balance is in the middle. Whether it is Krishna or Rama, one comes in the middle of the night and the other in the middle of the day. Leaning to one side is neither Rāma avtaar nor Krishnā aavtar . If there is excess and charge in the avatar, it will be associated with the avatar action.  they Will not serve the purpose. The balance of enjoyment and sacrifice has to be kept in balance. Only renunciation and enjoyment are unbalanced beliefs, but austerity is in the middle. That is the question for us  why everyone should try to be balanced in every situation?

You have faces so many types of thoughts in your mind, like why everythings will be balanced or with out balance why life been so difficult to access, how to balance in your life ,  how balanced your personal and professional life, there are so many times of question always comes in  your mind 

Lets go to get the answer of that things


A normal person always have facing it so many times of problem, and after that he will be frustracted of them why is this happened to me why he asked  himself so many times

But he can not reliese that every problem or unbalance of life give that new learning of that it give advantage every exeriencce makes that man more professional if you are positive or balanced inside you will out from every problem in a short time,  I am giving you some examples of that of you feel low and your life is unbalanced that times read that example and say it loudly it will give you confidence and after that you will be a new person with positive attitude and balanced person .

A story of that man who is very poor on that time when he is in childhood and he was born in 14th April 1957 in mela sarakkavilai village of Kanyakumari district in tamilnadu in india, his father name is kailasavadivoonadar and his mother name is chellam. He is very balanced and active in childhood , a boy born with so much curicity about space in all , his initial education was done in tamil medium govt school  and after that further studies like his graducation done from m adras institute of technology in 1980, he is the first graducate person in his family and his father is a farmer, he did  master in aerospace from Indian institute of science in banglore, after that he did PHD in 2006 in aerospace from IIT BOMBAY. His hard work his talent and and his positive attitude makes that man chief of INDIAN SPACERESEARCH ORG that man name is K SIVAAN  , he faced so many difficulties in his life but he did not make him is a unbalanced person . he done extraordinary things from country we should learn from that I know we are humans but always remember we are humans we done anythings what ever we want only do it with persistence and balance thing  . every body know that name now a days who is K SIVAAN  , k sivaan is the isro scientist and a former director of the vikram sarabahi space center  he comes in a limelight and people want to know about it and his personal iife , he is a known as rocket man in Indian space due to his contribution In developing the cryogenic engine, pslv,gslv, and reusable lunch vehicle . he joined isro in 1982  he




NOW YOU SHOULD LEARN FROM THAT HOW HE done all of things for this country  he is a very hard working person  positivity and balanced comes inside you only you should open that door if you are balanced nobody can fall you Indian cuture is very rich every day life in office to home and all day work and done work for salery there are so many things around you make you feel In active and low but on that time you should make a deep breath  and go in slience and try to make your mind clam everything is belongs to our mind if mind is feel active everything gone best .

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