how to get  Life lesson from Ramayan energy part :1 2021

how to get Life lesson from Ramayan energy part :1 2021

             Life session from Indian holy book RAMAYANA.

Ramayan is the holiest and secret book of Hindus.

zest dazzling by Ramayana. In the affirmative.
  These days, the Ramayana is a long in the tooth kind of book.
which is transmitted on Doordarshan as a certified national channel.
this channel is acquired wide throng devotion.

In fact, it is not a historical serial.

it is an ardor, the crowd belongs to dharma.

but a life viewpoint assesses the oddity of the richest Indian culture.

Each and Every corporal all-around can grip catalyst from the Ram Katha on which it is based.

Its epitome and decency are not cavorted by the confines of country and time, but also their universal acknowledgment.

From great the Ramayana, we obtain a stance towards life.

A new aroma of life.

It expounds to ignoble conduct of Shri Ram and proffers respect towards him.

One and all extensive and youthful than himself.

It is erudite from this that in spite of all the hoard and fineness.

one should acquit oneself as assumed.

We should also look at animals and birds with love and fellow feeling.

The true earthling is the one who acts most correctly.

In the Ramayana, the radix has got the exact place as the divineness. 
Ramayana is unaltering and so lawful.

In today's time present-day, the Bhoogistic culture is vanquishing.

An institution bayed Parivar all over the universe.

Lord Shri Ram had a monitory maternal-paternal dedication, unconditional love, patriotism, dignity, and priming.

Being a versed Pracharrak, he changed his kingdom into

Ramrajya belongs to all types of joyfulness and

discharge richness in heart and many more things.

Shriram is a soul who gives the correct orientation to the world.

Rama knotted sadly, but the torment of others was not behold from him.

Shriram is the name of balance and working together.
which is important for 'living', 'ideal', 'rule' and understanding, to become a standard man.

How to mold 'Narayana' from 'Male' can be well versed from his life.

In the features of Shriram, there are perspectives of dignity, ceding, love, and human behavior on a step-by-step basis.

And the extensive gadget is that the vision of Ramarajya in the Ramayana.

which Maharishi Valmiki has conferred, will restart unvarying for our country as well.

Ramayana was inscribed by maharishi Valmiki.

  Ramayan edifies us what to do in your life.

what is the paramount place of women in our life?

women are the only lump of life without women, there is no life.

Is it faithful god can be in sight?

Ramayan says don’t forage for god.

God is in you and our mother and father Are an actual god, ram regularly regards your father and 3 mothers.

That’s why the older man rejoins that forge a man like a ram along with ram ka Gyan and awareness.

If we absorb from Ramayan your life put together.

that’s why life convoy makes your life in a good way.

if you create your life with good vital life and time mold you or take you in a good way.   

 Ramayan song IN RAM CHRITMANAS.

  Raghupati Raghav Rajaram,

fallen holy Sitaram Kaushalya's beloved Ram Dasharatha Rajdulare Ram.
Rama is gainful to the people.

Fallen holy sitaram॥ Whenever there is a mislaying of religion.

Flood asura maha full of oneself॥ Then Lord Rama pitch up then.

Fallen Sitaram 419 Once Shiva departs life.

Mani Mahi is intent in Ram Katha Shiva Dham says to be Pulkit.

The fallen perfect Sitaram.

629 Once the mother is all right.

Kari Singar Palan Padhe Payday Ram should manifest amazing sight.

Fallen holy Sitaram 739 utter food when the king.

No reappear child society, Dear Rama, doing baby Leela Fallen Sitaram ॥४॥

Raghuram betakes oneself to cramming Guru Griha.

A tiny phase of learning forge.

Rama sense fourteen lore.

Fallen blest Sitaram 659 Mahamuni Vishwamitra proceed.

The king attains to look over Dashrava.

Laxman and Rama raise for muni.

Fallen sitaram ॥६॥ Jat Tadka was muffle in the ban.

carrying on the toning fire of the monk.

Ram tumble beyond Ahalya.

Fallen Sitaram ॥७॥ Jai Janakpur Shiva Panu ruined.

Broke the delight of the kings.

Sita Jaimal Pahanai Ram.

Fallen blest sitaram॥ Bhrigu Nath Ji came to Kodh curry.

backpedal the words directly, Ram destroyed Fallen Sitaram ॥९॥ King Janak has present.

it Has been very attentive.

Rama forges on brotherhood.

May the mortify of cupid Bhagavan  Siva.

whose form take after the color of the jasmine flowers and moon.

who are the helpmate of goodness special and an Abobe of compassion and who is adoring of the affected gracious?

  I recurve to the lotus feet of my guru.
who is an ocean of pity and is no other than Sri Hari himself in human form?

whose remark are sunbeams as it were for dispersing the mass of shadow in the form of gross unawareness?

                                                       [Shri ram Christmas]

identify me as his preceptor, father, mother, kinsman, lord, deity, all should be steadfast in my service.

A thrill runs involved with his body as he signs my praises, his voice gets choked and his eyes flow with tears.

he is free from avidity and other vices, delight, and hypocrisy.

I am ever at the back and call of such an addict.

“ In fact,  I ever slumber in the lotus crux of those who count on me in notion, word, and undertaking and glory me in a decent habit.

Shri raamcharitmanas , Ram shaloka , baal kaand, ram praashnavali, Ram chrit maanas in English  , Ram chaupai sings. 

Shri ram devotional song.


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how to get  Life lesson from Ramayan energy part :1 2021

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