how to use FACTS   in UPSC FOR PRELIMS 2021

how to use FACTS in UPSC FOR PRELIMS 2021

 Intersting FACTS FOR PRELIMS 2021

Minister of Health  introduced the Food related yojana to mark the situation of World Food Day.

• The Food welfare Mitra yojana goals to aid small and medium-scale food startups.
follow the food safety laws.

It will ease them with the certifying and the registration way, hygiene ratings, and training program.

'Eat correct Jacket' launched to buildup the food safety administration.
'Eat correct Jhola' also launching to build flake up the Eat Right India motion.

The Eat correct Jhola is a reusable clothes bag that await to replace plastic bags for shopping purposes in numerous retail chains.



WHY this topic is in NEWS?

 Because prime minister Narendra Modi has pointed out vaccine wastage as a valuable concern as a part of the vaccine process.

What is vaccine wastage

vaccine wastage is the practice of throw away of used vaccine vail without make use of them fully.

bash of recipient if a vital number of people are not present for getting vaccinated.


Arranging a actual training to health workers about supervising of the does.

The Grounds for wastage:-  the expiry date passed,waste from subjection of vaccine to heat, freezing,
unable to draw the number of does ,doubt about contamination, mixing of opened vials in water.

What concerns about the vaccine?

Ups and Downs vaccine demand and increases unwanted vaccine storage and supply chain costs.

   others reasons like transport and accidents many more.

 Let us talk about OPEC  ALSO IN HIGHLIGHT.

OPEC FULL FROM:- organization of the petroleum exporting countries.

 Opec is an government to government organization of 13 oil-producing countries.


  Countries list:- IRAN









                         REPUBLIC OF CONGO

                         SAUDI ARABIA




Opec countries hold about 80 % of world oil reserves.

  Objectives come from this group OPEC.

Revise these points 
the aim of that group to manage the petroleum policies of its member countries and ensure the balencing of oil markets.

· Secure an well managed and regular supply of petrol.

· Opec sets production targets to increase oil pricing.

Implicaion from the world
Economists examine OPEC as a syndicate that unite to reduces market strife.

 In recent times OPEC leader Saudi cuts are production to grow oil price that is a big regard that is facing India and china like a big country.

We have to do and find some new ideas to stop these increasing and decreasing rates.

 These topics are very important for prelims eaxam.

this site Lifeguide gave the knowledge to take your think high.


Now let us talk about the global gender gap report 2021.

this topic is more important for prelims IAS  read and learn very conscious.

Why this is news?    

because this report is recently released.

Let's talk about comprehensive analyses:-  the highest possible score is 1 and the lower possible score is 0.

Among 156 countries in the world, India skid 28 places to position 140th.

 Political commission subindices.

 Iceland is the most sexual equality country in the world.

 top 10th are Finland, Norway, New Zeeland, Rwanda, Sweden, Ireland, and Switzerland.

What is said this report about gender gap? 

 The global gender gap reasearch is an index that designed to eaxmine gender equality.

it posted every year by the world economic forum, this forum is connect to united nation.

What are the guidelines for gender gap situcation?

Economic involvement and more opportunity giving levels and permit to highly skilled employment.

Educational realizing outcomes basic on access and higher-level education.

Political empowerment like official in decision making structures.

Health and existence for expectancy if life and sex rate.

What is the value of that report?

It will guide countries in removing gender-based discrimination.

span the gender divide across the globe.

promotes all-female joins across all sectors.

The solution is to educate females, give more freedom to sports in village side town, promote in grass route level.

India it will take place by our policies only we can more considerate of them.

We can make a like math class like in a school.

we should make one period to take good advice and guidance from the teacher.

It's like self-development class for students and also for parents.

that will help more to get reduce the gender gap.

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