when you will emerge the problem's will be solved by you, covid updates in india , latest rule in states and news updates

when you will emerge the problem's will be solved by you, covid updates in india , latest rule in states and news updates

 when you will emerge the problem's will be     solved by you

The world
is facing the issue of covid-19 and all countries economic crises facing in this time,  if I am taking about India  so. India is Doing much better then any other countries and make he tries to make problems in to operrchunity that's most important part of our time ..   India has a 1.4 billions people in this period of time even  body is helping to each other to make India corona free, indian people' have a hope and strangeness that's is he never give up in this situation .    That's why the hard work of worker that's is that all go his house on foot not go in train he goes on foot may be 12000 kilo meters walk to reaches his House in village... So you can see that's this a another way to live people and try to make not sprading in community

 India will do and win from covid-19 situcation.    

Here is the all new updates about corona or covid -19

In a meeting with cm from a pm sir says to all  ,  do not take laziness in covid ,  take high speed to get vaxinate more people in the country, with in 2 week,  pm sir said  that  second wave is more dangerous from first web, in a first web we win from covid in a with out vaxine we did go job by taking more responsibilities  to  take care of you and your family,  we take more focus on testing and do vaxinate the  more people make more store of covid vaxinating  store, use mask before go any where out of the house,  

In a meeting pm modi says that  11april jotiba fule jaynti or 14 baba Shahab jynti so durning this 11 to 14 april make a tika utssab to vaxinate more people , pm modi says that we have much more ways to fight with covid then that compare to last year, we have a vaxine this time or a ,MADE IN INDIA vaxccine this time so that we should also focus to make more micro containment zone if some one who are positive, and we should do make people aware then past time ,

When I use night cerfew we can use this name corona cerfew then that thing more aware about it, and this is also a serious consult , todays up date is 1108087 activecases rights now , in up and cm yogi said that all 75 districts , we have bads aviable, in this stress  you can make more aware , because this streen is very high in air . now up want to make more efficient work in covid, in up 6000 centre work in covid work right now, in up there is no problem to vaccine , cm yogi said that they make more 2000 centre in up, indian vaccine is most effectively work and this vaccine is more secure.

  In up there is a law of contentment zone, like when you went without mask they may be your chalan will be cut ruppes 500 to 2000, in uttar Pradesh in under hall only 50 people are allowed and in open field 100 people is allowed , if 1 active cases then 20 meter or 20 houses will be sealed and 2 and more active covid patient then 50 meter area will be sealed, and cm yogi said that school may be closed till 30 april, and there is no need for lockdown, in a second wave , high risk patient will not go outside, that will be better option for them , what we do in first web of covid we can do more , the experience of first web will be more help for us in this time, in a delhi there are more then 7900 patient come today, now active cases in delhi is more then 39000, in uttar prdesh’s Gorakhpur start night cerfew  today 9 pm to morning 6 o clock , in a  lucknow in a spriticul places 5 people go inside in one time,in a  maharastra  may be imposed lockdown today , today cm of maharastra give that type of intensantion, todays health team has a meeting with cm then it will be decide today imposed lockdown or not ?

Maharastra has largest covid cases comes in this time in india, in a mumbai there are so many cases  comes in covid in a day, there is a big information in covid after get 2 vaccination may be you will be covid positive but that will be not serious,

In also a delhi only 20 people will allowed in antim sanskar, and 50 people allowed iin shadi time in delhi,  and delhi metro will go with half of passenger capacity, and cienema ghar and restronent also will open 50 % capacity and allow 50 % people capacity , maharastra will emposed full  lockdown may be 8 days,today will decide,  in a Gujratand  karnataka increase cases of covid every day more then 7000 cases per day, in a jambu  , jambu university closed till 15 and exam also pospond due to covid cases,  in this DRDO comes with great job DRDO makes  a  hospital of covid in delhi  with in 1 week it will be a 500 icu bads aviable in this jambo covid centre in delhi ,  people also come lots of people come to take redicivire injection but most of cases in states it is not there, people faces so many problems from this,  


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