India bans 47 Chinese apps; over 250 more under scanner for user privacy violation, upsc

India bans 47 Chinese apps; over 250 more under scanner for user privacy violation, upsc

India has banned 47 more apps over user privacy violations. The apps, according to the government sources, were sharing Indian user data with Chinese agencies. Over 250 Chinese apps are under scanner.

After banning 59 Chinese applications last month  in covid season , the Indian government has banned 47 more apps of Chinese origin apps  in the country. Sources have told India Today TV and many   news agency cover that the 47 banned Chinese apps were operating as clones of earlier banned apps. The list of the 47 Chinese applications will be released soon.
India has also prepared a list of over 250 apps that it will examine for any user privacy or national security violations, government sources told India Today TV.
As per the government sources, India has drawn up a list of over 250 Chinese apps that are under scanner for any violation of national security and user privacy.
Some top gaming Chinese applications are also expected to be banned in the new list that is being drawn up, sources said. The Chinese applications, that are being reviewed, have allegedly been sharing data with the Chinese agencies, that is also a big consult for india.
Today's decision follows after high-profile ban of 59 Chinese apps including TikTok as border tensions continued in Ladakh after a violent, fatal face-off between the Indian and Chinese armies. The government said these apps were engaged in activities that were prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity and defence of India.
A government press release announcing the ban stated: "The Ministry of Information Technology, invoking it’s power under section 69A of the Information Technology Act read with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009 and in view of the emergent nature of threats has decided to, block 59 apps since in view of information available they are engaged in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order.

After we have so many alternative if these apps will never come, the ministry of information and technology, decide more focus to make Indian apps and india is focus on making Indian app store, india is focusing to bulit india self relient for technology , so  I want to  take your focus on that:-

Like I show and compare and give all types of information related to this let us start

·      If you are a mobile user then you also use google play store if you are a android mobile user and you are a apple mobile user then you also use a apple store  if you install and download new apps and I thing every body also know about it .

·      In apps businesses google and apple have a complete monopoly  on that

·      News comes from india , government will open to launching Indian app store as an more businesses company like big google and apple.

·      India donot want to dependend on google they also stand with a google as a good campanior .

·      AS of google new guidelines in 2019 android held a share of about 91 % of the mobile operating system market in india, google said that while platform are allowed to use their own payment systems through websites or other stores , they will have to pay a 30% fee if they choose to use google play  several founders and delovpers termed the decision unfair , saying that it can hurt businesses in india

·      Do you know about inapp purchses: I am clearling you that thing for example you download a app like kindle then you want to read something and you will buy aa book like 100 , 300 , 200 , 500 rupees that called a inapp purchses .

·      In app purchases play a big role in gaming industrustry like some ex before covid there had a huge craze on pubg game in a pubg you will more character, and many more things to get higher things in that game and most of children will buy that things and play it happily like he did a very good job.

·      In September 2021  google make play billings mandatory for in app purchases that  means 30% will give google enforce.

·      Both google and apple have drawn criticism from many developers over the high feea they are charged. As per reports spotify, match group, fortinite, epic games had announced they were joining a non profic coalition  app fair alliance to pressure apple to charge its stance on fees.

·      The issue that things make a delovement very slow from this time.

·      Points to consider

·      ========================

·      Readying a solution govt to consider requests frm startup entrepreneurs to launch an Indian digital app store, govt acknowledges steps need to be braken monopoly of a foreign tech players, and its takes so many challenges to taking on dominance of google and apple may be not easy , the two tech players  cos spend billions od dollars in developer tools and safety solutions, concorns over govt survelliance if platform is run by the centre.

·      It will be a game changing moves for atam nirbhar bharat.

·      Let us talk about one more important section 69 A info and tech act 2000 is  that   this act give that power to the government to block  online content and give permission to take charge on that cyber criminal, this is also a basic law of action  of cyber crime and electronic commerce, ministry of home affairs give permission on 20 dec 2018 that they will collect content from computers and moniter on that this permission is only 10 central agencies.

·      If some one violate  law like officers or a person  that will go to jail for 7 years and also pay fine on that case.



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