how India is making a स्वदेशी गन -52 , DRDO UPDATES , NEWS AND ARTICLES FOR UPSC PRELIMS INFORMATION 2021

how India is making a स्वदेशी गन -52 , DRDO UPDATES , NEWS AND ARTICLES FOR UPSC PRELIMS INFORMATION 2021

                                         India swadesi gun-52 

bnna rha h..  jiska trail abhi chal rha alag alag phase me  ,

Ye gun h American haviengwr  se buhut better h .. iski range uske kaffi time better h or ye 30 second me 6 fire kr skti h
Ha na kamal ki bt

 Ye ek desi boforce gun h isko indian company baba kalyani ne banaya h or isko bhart52 naam dia gya h
Bharat force ne bnaya h ye abhi 4 guns bnaae gye h  jiska trials alg alg fhase me h
 4 me se 3 ka trial alg alg fhase me h or last 4 ka trial last fhase me h
 Or ye jldi he army ka hissa hogi .

do you know about 155 in to 52 ?

 defence and research devlopement org. conducted the proof fring of aramament of 155/52 calibre advanced twoed artillery gun system on 14 july 2016 successful test commissioned by  drdo, 155 milimeter artillery gun fired its rounds of live ammunition at the proof PXE in balasore , odisha on 14 december 2016.


After 2 decades gap of gun development in india resulted in huge technological  gap from developed countries.

The  evolution of project dahnush was a bridge in this gap in a short span of less then two years.

The system with electronic suite comprises of the following unique features.

The cost of gun 52 making  around 3364.78 crore or 470 million  start trials in 2017 and the production is expected to start in 2019 it was publicly showcased at 68th republic day parade on 26 january 2017 , in august 2018 , defence acquisition council approved the procurement of 150 ATAGS.


 The gun is two  tons lighter then other guns in this category and is designed to provide better accuracy and range and it is also capable of firing five successive rounds in short time c31 make this more compatible.

Towned howitzer is the type of this advanced towned artillery  gun system , it is orgineted from india .

·      Indian army used this gun atags.

·      One thing also in your mind like who designed this gun so the answer is armament research and development establishment designed this gun in 2014 . this designed completed with in 4 year, after that bhart forge limited manufactured and Mahindra defence navel system , ordnance factory board tata power strategic engineering division they produced in 2019 . in this guns froms updates here are 7 prototypes .

·      The specification of this gun is more then 18 tonnes , and the length of this gun is 52 caliber 8060 mm  , and the length of barrel is 6975 mm .

·      In this gun system you also 6 to 8 soldiers  crew staff needed.

·       This swadesi gun need a screw type breech needed.

·      Electro rheological / magneto rheological used in this gun for recoiling.

·       Do you know what elevation use in this gun 52  , the answer is -3 to 70 degree  and the traverse useses of this gun is +/-25 .

·      Fire count :- this gun if fire like burst then it will be 3 round in 15 sec and the other hand this gun fires intense then it will fire 15 round in 3 min , and the sustained then it will fire 60 round in 60 minutes.

·      The effective ness of this gun fire is  too 48 km.

·        If we talk about maximum firing range of this gun is 48.074 km [ using HE- BE or high explosive base ammunition].

·       The guns views or sight is thermal sight  gunners display.



·      Trails of this gun

·      ========================

·      DRDO conduct the proof of this arment for the 155//52  caliber based advanced towed artillery gun system on 14 july 2016 and on that time the test was successful with 99 %.

·       The fully intergrated 155 millimeter artillery gun from the first round live ammunition proof in balasore , odisha, on 14 december 2016.

·       During trials of ATAGS broke the world record for 155 mm gun by firing the round to a distance of 47.2 kilometers  and it is again registered a maximum distance of  48.074 kilometers with high explosive  this test conduct in 2017 , and it is surpassing the maximum ranges fired by artillery gun system in this category.

·      After completed all the trials the first lot of manufacturing of the lot of 40 guns is started soon.

·       Under the trials in sept 2020 we suffered a major setback with a barrel burst injuring four personals, after the investigations are on to ascertain and solve the problem.

·       After cleared with investigation the gun has been go for further trails in nov 2020  we will update more about this ………..





This is a normal information about this gun it consists of a barrel breech mechanism [   the group of devices that opens and closes the breech, fires the round of ammunition and provides a gas seal after firing ] muzzle brake [  muzzle brake or recoil compensator is a feature intregral to the construction of  and that is intended to redirect a portion of propellant gases to counter recoil  said to be s ported]  it is an electric drive to ensure reliability and minimum maintance over a long period of time, it is a advanced high mobility feature, quick deployment , auxiliary power mode advanced communication system , and night capable fire gun , it is c31 systems like artillery combat command and control system called a SHAKTI for technical fire  control.


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