is  Chinese neck under the india..... Lasted news, brief about china and india economy  #UPSC #IAS

is Chinese neck under the india..... Lasted news, brief about china and india economy #UPSC #IAS

 I confer about that idea if china get eminent then India is becoming feel headache in Hindmahasagar

  We all realize that the Chines ship goes from the state of Mallakha. 

Jha opens Hoti h Vha Betti Hoti h Indian navy...   
If china start conflict India only sends more then2 ships .. and all industry of china will down and blocked...

China wants to pass through kra label by थाईलैंड.     And China is going to be easy. From 900 km.  
And gave transformation easy and China woods is going more low price that's is Chinese planning.

Two benefits in this case 
Transporting easy and less time 
And save money. 

After Chinese fraud 
The Thailand government take a stop to these projects. For a long time. 
 This is more beneficial because all of the examples are always in front of the Thailand gov is just like Shri Lanka and Pakistan...  
Everybody knows about it what is china does...... 
 So this is a  big step towards China... 

 let us talk more about china
china cut all economic dialog with Australia now what is doing Australia , in this time USA approve sale of abrams tanks to Australia as tensions escalate with china  and the plan approx. $1.645 billon dollor of a heavy armed combat systems.

 And a  post who was posted on a social media account of china’s rullling communist party has been in the news for mocking india’s corona crisis this , this is also a very shameful post for china till now this post also deleted after criticism and controversy, in this post he shows one sides china rocket flying on one side and burning pyres in india on the other hand . this post make critisim on social media and world media after in a pressure he deleted his post .

 Do you know what was china’s per capita income in 1990?

This is also a very huge question in front of us because it is also important , according to per capita  income is the average income of a country in 1990 , the per capita income of china was $318 while india’s was sightly at $368.

On that time china economy took off in the 1990 thanks to market liberalization transforming it in to an industrial powerhouse from a largely afrarian society, since then the per capita income of china has surpassed that of india , in fact data from Chinese national bureau of statistics tells us that in 2019, china’s per capita income was $10276 having crossed the $ 10000 mark for the first time , the per capita income of india however was around a fifth of that.

One next Q also comes in your mind like how did the china india gap grow ? what was the reason of that , why india is taking high jump in  so fast ?

:- the reason of that  Chinese experts took off in the early 1990s the country emerged as the outstanding paradise for manufactureing for large part of the western world  allowing  companies to drastically cut costs. 2018 in according to Chinese exports stood at $2.64 trillion against india ‘s $0.54 trillion  Indian companies missed out on this and are still trying to catch up, the overall physical this and are still trying to catch up, the overall physical infrastructure available was also clearly better in china, prompting the western com to  go there, and make china more powerful . china is stand this time because of the western companies .

This is the history of Chinese economies and india , this is also the reason china grow or developed so much faster then india .

Why have our services exports gone up?

In this , it is gone up primarily been due to software exports, which have grown constantly over the last few decades, software exports have grown because of visionary entrepreneurs who saw a global opportunity that  decided to tap in to it.

What also helped was that the government took time to realize what was happening in the sector and hence could not to hold it back through it is interference , in a few states the government even supported software enterpreneurs,

 One  Q also all Indian mind like can india achieve $ 15 trillion gdp by 2025 ?

How many human resource model of india to make india’s gdp $ 15 trillion?

The field covers labors economics, health economics, and human resource economics , labor economics is concerned with the determination of wages and hours of work in labour markets . health economics is concerned with the production and demand  for  health care and how the determinants of demand and supply affect the costs of various types of health care services , human resource economics studies individual , family and market investments in various forms of human capital such as education , on the job training and health.

He validated that human resource is an absolute asset, and mankind currently has no intellectual ability to transform this in to finiancial funds.

For this reason mankind is experiencing proverty, crony commercialism , crime  and corruption.

 Due to this india will gain the most since the country boasts of 18 %  of the total human resources available world wide .


 After adopting the HR ECONOMICS design , the Indian economy will get an extra furth pillar, this will ve in the form of a man power grid , this manpower grid will be a centralised pillar and will gain fast worth capability, it will be bigger then integrated worth of the RBI , the finance ministry and all stock markets of india with in the next 5 years …. Updated soon 

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