India is going forward to  one more step big   || The world will greet India's defense speed ' #UPSC #IAS

India is going forward to one more step big || The world will greet India's defense speed ' #UPSC #IAS

The world will greet India's defense speed '

The successful testing of the Hym Technology Demonstrator Vehicle has provided the speed to the enemy located in any corner of the Indian defense system, which can be equaled in just three days of the world. After the US, Russia and China, by developing hazaronic technology on their own, helping in the preparation of India missile BrahMos-2 has made a big leap in the field of modern defense systems.

What is HSTDV?

The Duyjpersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) is a scramjet aircraft or engine that can carry long range and hypersonic cruise missiles. Its speed is six times more than sound. That is, this world can target the destination only in a short time. Its speed is so fast that the enemy does not even get a chance to intercept and take action. Successful testing of HSTDV will give India a hypersonic with advanced technology. It is being developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Russian Space Agency.

Why is it special?

Common missiles are based on ballistic trajectory technology. That is, with easy tracking of their path Simultaneous counter attack preparation can also be done. In contrast, it is impossible to detect the path of a hypersonic missile system. At present, there is no technology that neither missiles  To be detected However, many countries are trying to gain the ability to detect and destroy energy energy, particle ames and non-kinetic vapor.

Ballistic and cruise missile

Ballistic missiles are quite large. Te is able to carry heavy bombs. These missiles cannot be carried, the enemy before they are released Can be destroyed by
However, cruise missiles are smaller and the weight of the bombs carried on them is also less. They can be overshadowed. Their interpolation The path also varies. The ballistic missile moves towards the target from the Unchahar route, while the cruise missile chooses its route parallel to the Earth. To be released After ballistic missile targets are not controlled, the cruise missile is aimed accurately. India, in collaboration with Russia, has designed a cruise missile called the BrahMos. Pakistan claims to have built indigenous technology out of the missile, but defense experts Believes that it is based on the Chinese cruise missile....

What is Scramjet Engine?

The Scramjet engine was successfully tested by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on August 28, 2016. It is also known as supersonic combination ramjet engine. Scientists believe that its weight is reduced due to which space expenditure will also decrease. This aircraft working on air trading technology will be able to send more payloads and can also be used again. It can also work under extremely high pressures and high temperatures.

Difference between subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic, speed of British resident defense and missiles 2,300 miles

International Affairs (approx. 3,701 km) per analyst James Boss is up to the hour of notice. According to this category, the most prevalent missile of subsonic missiles has a lower sound speed. BrahMos, which has a top speed of 705 mi (1, 134 2,100-2,300 mi (approx. Km) per hour, from 3389 to 3,701 km) per hour in this category. The Ramjet engine is used to bring India's fearless missile. Is hypersonic. These missiles being cheap, the missile has a speed of 3,800 miles strategically, ie, it has a sound speed. Supersonic missiles are five times faster than the speed of sound and for them the scramjet is. Mostly supersonic.

Along with it is small in size and more than per hour. Use of Mach-6 level engine up to three times (Mach-3)

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