Japan will provide financial help to its singing companies coming to India leaving China|| tranding || #UPSC # IAS

Japan will provide financial help to its singing companies coming to India leaving China|| tranding || #UPSC # IAS

"Japan will provide financial help to its singing companies coming to India leaving China"

If a Japanese company is to set up a manufacturing unit in India except China, then the Japanese government will provide financial help. Japan wants to reduce its dependence on China for supply chains or raw materials. Therefore, the Government of Japan has taken such a decision. Earlier in June, the Japanese government announced that the company would provide financial help if the company there left China and returned home. 30 companies returning to Japan from China have been selected for this financial support. Now the Government of Japan has extended this scope.

According to the news published in Japan's newspaper, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry financed from local companies wishing to leave China..

Such companies are ready to give incentives of more than Rs. 16

Applications are invited for help. If Japanese companies leaving China set up factories in India, Bangladesh or other countries of the ASEAN group, Japan would provide them financial support as incentives. Japan has a budget of 23.5 billion yen to more than 16 billion rupees under this item. Application process for Japanese companies seeking this type of news stimulus help

It has started on September 3. Japan's supply chain relies heavily on China.

During the Corona epidemic, supplies of raw materials from Japan to China stalled. That is why Japan wants its companies to have manufacturing units in different countries, so that even in times of crisis, it keeps on supplying important things like pharmaceutical and electronics parts.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry sources, in a recent meeting between the Japan External Trade Organization and Government of India officials, many companies there expressed interest in coming to India. According to ministry sources, in a recent meeting between the trade ministers of Japan, Australia and India, cooperation has been agreed to create an alternative supply chain.

:   Let us talk more about  new era of  reiwa era japan  :              


Japan recently declared that reiwa would be name of the new imperial era to begin on may 1 , when crown prince Naruhito ascends the chrysanthemum throne, he will succeed his father emperot Akihito who is abdicating on April 30, ending the 31 year heisei era .


Emperor Akihito’s 30 year period of rule has been known as the heisei era  which translates mean acheiveing peace.

 The emperial era name or gengo is used on documents , news papers, calenders and coins on that time.


Japan imported the imperial calendar system from china about 1300 years ago.

Starting with the meiji era

1868- 1912 , it adopted the practice of one emperor one era name,

                              THE MEIJI ERA


                      Meiji                restoration



The meiji renovation , revolution , reform, or renewal, was an event that restored practical imperial rule to the empire of japan in 1868 under emperor meiji , although there was rulling emperor before the meiji restoration, the events restored partical abilities and consolidated the political system under the emperor of japan.



Japans terrain mostly rugged and mountains can easily be compared to Norway, both having about 70 % of their land in the mountains.

Natural resources small deposites of coal , oil , iron, and minerals, major fishing industry.

Japan have 11.65 % area of a arable land.

If we compare with other countries in according to definitions and survey recommendations by the food and agriculture org used by for example eurpstat and the world bank, arable land is agricultural land occupied by crops both sown and harvested during the same agricultural year sometimes more than once,


Now lets talk about mountains of japans :

In japan the highest mountain is mount fuji with an elevation of 3776m , it was added to the world heritage list a cultural site on June 22 2013, mount fuji is one of the japan’s three holy mountains along with mount tate and mount haku.


 Japan is home to 10 %  of world active volcanos, the most active volcanos in japan and one of the largest in the world, is mt aso it stands on the island of kyshu, in year of 2014 mount ontake is central japan erupted unexpectedly killing 63 people in the worst volcanic disaster is the japan for nearly nine decades.


One questions also comes in everyonces mind like what is the reason behind japan;s  economic development inspite of being a nation cursed by earthquakes?

The answer is proper political policies such as after WW2 the Japanese minimized their military expenses and focussed mainly on the recovery of the economy , it was known as the yoshida doctrine.

In initial stages of devlopement , Japanese government aimed at doubling the incomes earned by their workers and improve their living standards , this was known as the income doubling plan 1960

Japan thinks about in 1960 to increase his peoples income and he worked on it so this is also the reason of that

After the defeat of japan in the world war2 , the united states led the alliens in the occupation and rehabilitation of the Japanese states between 1945 and 1952 , the US occupying forces , led by general douglas A , mac Arthur enacted widespread military, political economic and social reforms on that time of some of people called a occupation and reconstruction of japan, 1945-52.

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