what is The conflict of Israel - Palestine and the history of the holy city Jerusalem , I  am gonna explain in simple way #world affairs #current affairs #UPSC PRELIMS # IAS #gs

what is The conflict of Israel - Palestine and the history of the holy city Jerusalem , I am gonna explain in simple way #world affairs #current affairs #UPSC PRELIMS # IAS #gs



The news comes out today on that israli tanks reach gaza border  and US deploys F18 fighter jets to Saudi arabia  border  isareal gaza conflict  .

  Possiblility  is too higher  that israli tanks shell ahead around invasion,  Israeli artillery pounded northen gaza early Friday in an attempt to destroy a vast network of militant tunnels inside the territory , the military said , bringing the front closer to dense civilian areas and paving the way for a potential ground invasion .

There are so many people have a question in his minds like has Israel crossed the border ?

 On Tuesday, Israel ‘s military called up 9000 army reservists and deployed troops, and tanks near its border with gaza and it said a ground offensive in to gaza was one option being considered but decision had yet to be made, isreal’s military said air and ground forces were involved in attacks on Friday but  had not entered gaza,

Now what is doing Israel at border exactly ?

what is The conflict of Israel - Palestine and the history of the holy city Jerusalem
The military of Israel said that it had conducted an operation overnight to destroy a network of hamas tunnels that it dubbed the metro but no troops had entered gaza, in gaza , Palestinians  fearing an incursion by iseaeli troops have been fleeing areas close to the border with Israel residents who had left shejaiya in gaza city said shells had been falling on homes. This is also very worse since 2014 , this week violence in gaza and Israel is that worsen  , so many videos comes out from Israel , the night sky lit up by explosion from hamas and now to defends comes explosion from Israeli artillery , gunboats and air stickes, some 119 people have been killed in gaza and 8 have died in isreal since fighting began on Monday , it is hapeend less death in Israel because of his shield iron dom   this is refuse so many rocket comes from hamas .

 What is the main conflict in this problem ?

 The  ministry of health of gaza said  27 children  were among those killed since fighting began and many other  civilians have died  , and another 600 gazans have also wounded,

 Now Israel said that dorzens of those killed in gaza were militants, and that some of deaths are from misfired rockets from gaza.

 In the isreaeli town of Sderot near gaza , a youn boy was killed when rocket fire hit home  and shrapnel penetrated the shelter be was hiding in ,


 Now we talk about current stand off Israel & hamas ?


The statement released early on Friday morning, mr Netanyahu said the Israeli military operation against Palestinian militants would continue for  as long as necessary  we get , and he added that hamas , the islamist group that rules gaza, would pay a heavy price , as would other terrorist groups.

 And the other hand ,military spokesman of hamas  said that the group was ready to teach Israel  military, harsh lessons should it decide to go ahead with a ground incursion.



And now USA air force   said that F/A 18 O SUPER HORNET air craft deployed to kingdomof Saudi arabia, this week  as part of a dynamic force employment , ability to deter aggression and promote security and stability with the CENTCOM area of responsibility.

 CENTCOM means in full US central command , the  portion of the US military responsible for protecting American security interests in an area stretching from the  horn of Africa to central asia.


 What is the role of UNO and what did UNO say ?

 As fighting entered its fifth day ,  United nations secretary general Antonio guterres called for an immediate , de escalation and cessation of hostilities in gaza  and Israel.

 His plea echoed that  of  other diplomats including from israel’s ally the US but appels to Israeli and Palestinian leaders have so far failed to produce a ceasefire agreement.

 For a comment of UNO , A senior hamas officals has said the group is ready for a reciprocal ceasefire, if international community pressures Israel to suppress  military actions at disputed al- aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.


 The conflict of Israel Palestine and the history of the holy city Jerusalem , I  am gonna explain in simple way


what is The conflict of Israel - Palestine and the history of the holy city Jerusalem
Israeli – Palestinian conflict began in  late 19 century when anti Semitism and jingoism spread in Russia and Europe caused Zionist movement and jews started to emigrate towards  Palestine, the main reason were anti jewish programme and targeted riots in 1881 – 1884 russia  , after that   we seen in 20th century  hitller had killed more than 80 lakh  jews in gas chambers. Very bad things happened with jews people and can anyone give to sorry towards them , no.

 In britishers under balfour declaration promised Palestine for JEWISH HOMELAND but got opposed in 1919 by Palestinian population,  the great arab revolt of the Palestine in 1936 palestine did  massive revolt against britisher  which got chrushed by british till 1939 , finally from UNO done a part of Palestine- Israel . and Jerusalem had controlled by UNO ,

 UNITED NATIONS under the resolution no 181 did partition of Palestine and Jerusalem was in international control which was about to be governed by UN .

 A 8 month long war started between arab states and Israel which is called 1st ARAB ISRAEL WAR,  form this war 760000 palestinians to emigrate to west bank , gaza and neighbouring arab countries, and due to Palestinian and israeli conflict in 1964  was established the Palestine liberation organisation ( PLO) .

 IN 1967 , in the six day war Israel captured east Jerusalem, west bank , gaza strp, and golden hights,  again in 1973 , arab states attacked Israel but Israel successfully countered it ,  and from 1987 – 1993  palestinian revolt , the first intifada happened in which Israel and plo had a secret negotitation for peace but failed ,  after that plo leader Yasser Arafat in 1994 started self rule established in Jericho  village.


 After the visit of ariel Sharon visit to al aqsa  mosque gave birth to 2nd intifada,  this is also a holy site for jews and muslims both , al aqsa mosque is also known as haram al sharif ,  after bombing and suseite bombing Israel invilding a west bank  and this is also a largest operations ,  after the new leader of Palestine came after that Israeli forces who were at gaza strip left after 38 years ,  after that the story was not stopped but make more conflict starts,  in 2007  hamas took charge of gaza strip from abbas’s moderate faction fatah  , exasium of hamas after Israel threaten again, now in  2014  israel started again  a  operation in gaza to control hamas ,  and in 2017 hamas and fatah again sign a recordination pact and the aim  is  finish a conflict 1 decades old .

 According to pact hamas would provide full civilian control of gaza strip to fatah ,  and conduct a election for Palestine control authority,  and the process is going till today ,  this is the overview of Israel Palestine  conflict .

 What are the current crisis and its roots ?

 Current crisis is  related at temple mount and sheikh jarrah in east Jerusalem,  after the particion  jerusalem is controlled by UNO   , after 1948 , first arab Israel war , Israel captured western Jerusalem and eastern part went to Jorden but later 1967 in Israel captured eastern Jerusalem,  the conpound in one place dome of the rock, al aqsa mosque, holy wall , tample mount has significance for jews because it is first tample in herbrew bible build by king Solomon ne 950 BC  , and from the other hand in islam , Jerusalem was the last place on earth visited by prophet mohammad in 632 AD ,  al aqsa mosque is 3rd holiest mosque in islam after mekka or madina ,  for this site the conflict is past to present .

 After that  decide that religious control od the site will  belong to muslims and overall sovereignty will belong to Israel ,  only muslims can pray In mosque area, and jews can pray only till holy wall & they can only visit the site,   muslims & and jews  conservative groups were hurt and muslims believe that Israeli annexation of Jerusalem is illegal ,  on the other hand  , jewish leaders want that they should get permission to offer prayers in tample mount,  Israeli  forces generally try that massive gatherings should not happen at al aqsa mosque, .

 There is so many peole question comes in mind , why did the violence start now?

 Israel captured east Jerusalem and settled more than 2 lakh jews but Palestinian families got only conditional residency permit , these Palestinian families came in 1948 in large scale eviction and setteled in sheikh jarrah ,  in 1967 after Israeli occupation , Israeli authorities started to send eviction ka notice to families claming it was jews purchased land ,  in starting of 2021 central  court of east Jerusalem up hold the eviction order,  on  7 may 2021 a massive clashes erupted at al aqsa mosque compound in which hundreds of palestinies and police officers got injured,  and after clashes hamas fired a rockets more than 2000  and Israel defen him from his iron dom , and Israeli supreme court has stayed eviction proceedings.

 This is the history behind all of this and current situation . we will update more as soon as , this is the genral information about all of this.

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