Neena Gupta’s autobiography, titled Such Kahun Toh , A piece of news from the entertainment industry 2021:

Neena Gupta’s autobiography, titled Such Kahun Toh , A piece of news from the entertainment industry 2021:


Neena Gupta’s autobiography, titled Such Kahun Toh

A piece of news from the entertainment industry 2021:



On Monday

 launching Neena life struggle book such kahun toh

 Neena Gupta tells Kareena Kapoor about being    dumped by men

Neena want to marry that man and she loves to live with him 



Neena Gupta’s autobiography, titled Such Kahun Toh  A piece of news from the entertainment industry 2021:

In their interaction

Posted on Instagram on Monday,

Neena Gupta and Kareena discussed  loneliness and many more thing

Howforhright Neena Gupta had been about taking it.


Neena Gupta said 

I was having  so many little affairs In life and she accepts that

She did not really have a companion after

When she moves to Mumbai, a film city in India.


Now, Neena Gupta is married to Vivek Mehra.

 Neena Gupta said to Kareena,

While I was writing the book,

I realized in my prime years  I have been without a lover or husband.

Because I came here than small affairs, nothing really materialized

basically, I  was all alone.

 Neena journey from her time at the

 this book tells us 

National school of drama to moving to Mumbai,

She is a single mother  when she moving  to Mumbai,

Neena also address the issue  in film industry politics,

 casting couch and also a young actor to start a career               


a knowing any industry-related person or guide or well-known person of the  Bollywood industry.


Neena more said that

 Vivian is living in some other country, Vivian  had his own styles of  life, 

Neena and v Richards also have a daughter.  and she had a good career  masaba  Gupta 

 She said that

I feel envious when she sees people in regular relationships.

so many people say I live my life on my own terms,

but that's not the truth  whenever I was wrong I accept and try to change

 I  wanted to have a normal and simple husband, children,, my in-laws,

I am seeing so many other persons I feel a little nervous but it is ok it is a life 

I did not want to be an alcoholic person, because what I need I did not get, that's not right 

She said  I am not these types of cowardice


Neena canceled marriage at that time 

he canceled a marriage at the last minute when she was shopping for a wedding


. till today I do not know,.

That happened but what can I do?

Neena says I moved on

I loved another guy I married him,

 I respect  his  mother and father  

I was living in their house,

 that man  is alive, he’s happily married, he has children,



Neena said that I was convinced that only Kareena  should launch the book,

titled Sach kahun Toh, as she feels that as an actor and a mother, Kareena is an inspiration,

 One story from the book  was   highlighted, Kareena

She and Masaba saved each other’s lives during the shoot  tipu sultan,


 Neena Gupta said that

So they were doing the wedding scene in the series, Masaba was one and a half years old at that time.

At that time I and my daughter live in a one-room flat

  my daughter had a fever so I did not take down my makeup and the walls also wet so I  wanted insight


Neena added

I sent the car back, I bought her at lunch  to the studio,

I was waiting  for the pack up because I was feeding her also at that time,

After that time,

 she comes back from shooting and feed her daughter, she did very much hard work


I still remember what I said

I said you can not see I have a baby in my arms 

That’s what came out of my mouth and

 they took me to the main building.


Neena Gupta has said that 

 mother taught her 

 if you independent and 

 then make your own way of life.


Neena know that she will never depend on money for someone she doing the job 


 I had confidence that I would not ask for my money or anything 

 I know I have done something,, I do not think that is big and small work.

this thing I learned from my mother

I had confidence,

  I can do any type of work,

both did not leave her family

But at the age when you are in love. You do not think what will happen next.

No financial support, no emotional support.

And that is my strength and that is why is have moved on my life from one problem to another.


We know Masaba and her mother both,

Her hard work  towards her goals make lives simple

Masaba is a successful designer now in B town.

And Neena Gupta  has  made an impressive comeback in her career

after starring as the lead in MOVIE  Badhaai Ho.

She made an example for the world.

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Lifeguidessss wish best of luck his new book her life.



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