FRANK KAMENY ;  google  honours gay rights activist with doodle ; pride month  celebration ; who is frank kameny ?

FRANK KAMENY ; google honours gay rights activist with doodle ; pride month celebration ; who is frank kameny ?

  Google  honours gay rights activist with doodle pride month  celebration 

 Frank Kameny  google doodle, the picture on its home page or starting window, which shows Kameny wearing a colourful garland, this is the tribute pays from google to him as we enter the month of June  and this is also celebrated globally as  PRIDE MONTH  all details share  for you

Frank Kameny was a gay rights activist with doodle; google honours in the celebration of a pride month  this is trending  globally in all across the globe from the USA to INDIA   AND CHINA TO EUROPE.


FRANK KAMENY ;  google  honours gay rights activist with doodle ; pride month  celebration ; who is frank kameny ?

THE GOOGLE doodle on Wednesday honours  DR. Frank Kameny  an American astronomer , and he was a veteran of world war ii and  he was an activist of  gay rights, the picture on its home page  that shows Kameny wearing a colourful  garland, to pay tribute to him, as  we enter the month of June, is celebrated as globally as pride month

 google  explain that  frank Kameny is “ one of the most prominent figures of the US LGBTQ right movement “ and  google find to his way to say thanks to him, for his courageously paving the way for decades of the  progress”


Who is frank Kameny and  what was his journey?

 DR. Frank Kameny was born in Queens, New York   on the may 21 in 1925, he studied  physics  at Queens College as students  when he was 15 he served the army during  world war 2  and after he returned to the U.S.  he obtained a doctorate in astronomy at Harvard University.  after that, he became an Astronomer in  1957  With  the army map services but after a few months he was fired on an executive order effectively  barring members of the LGBTQ community from federal employment,  he had challenged the firing at the supreme court and organized the first gay right protests outside the white house I the 1960s  on  time Kameny and  10 other  members became the first to stage a gay rights protest in front of the white house and later at the pentagon  in the year 1965, a few years  before the stonewall riots, and Frank Kameny organized  one of the country's first gay rights advocacy groups,  in the 1970s  Kameny had successfully challenged the American psychiatric association s  classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder and in 1975  the civil service commission finally reversed its ban on LGBTQ employees he became the first openly gay candidate in 1971  for the US congress  when he ran in the district of Columbia's first election for a non-voting congressional delegate, after this defeat,  frank Kameny and his  campaign org, crated the gay and lesbian alliance of Washington DC  an organ that countries lobby the government and press the case for equal rights  more than 50 years after his dismissal  he received a formal  sorry from the US government in 2009 in June 2010 in the Washington DC, named a starch of 17th street NW near Dupont Circle  Frank Kameny way in his honour.

 In the 2011 frank Kameny died at the age of 86.


 Everyone knows about Jonathan Bennett reveals  he and his fiancé were rejected  by the  venue for wedding  for being gay  the mean girl star Jonathan Bennett is going for the nuptials with the celebrity page host  Jaymes Vaughan  the famous couple featured on the cover  of THE KNOT'S summer 2021 issue title pride and joy.

 In an accompanying interview  with the magazine  

His relationship  with former amazing race contestant Jaymes  is open since 2017  according to the interview  he told that the magazine  that he and Vaughan were initially planning to have their wedding ceremony at a place resorts  property in Mexico  he  alleged that they were turned away because of their homosexual relationship.

 The next story is about a famous angel Olsen took her IG and made an announcement that she is gay  the singer dropped a series of pictures featuring  herself a tattoo  and loafers and other things  on  April 16 2021  the singer accompanied the post with the sun kissed picture of herself if you want you can check it out  she can be  sporting a black collared tee which she paired he simply says that my beau I am gay.

 After the announcement was made  many of her fans and followers rushed to extend  their support to the singer  several celebrities  too took the opportunity to compliment her.

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