International day of yoga 2021  history, significance quotes stories. benefit and facts about  yoga, food, exercise

International day of yoga 2021 history, significance quotes stories. benefit and facts about yoga, food, exercise

International day of yoga 2021  history, significance quotes stories. benefit and facts about  yoga, food, exercise


all know about yoga day and India's role

details information about the international day of yoga 2021 :

International day of yoga 2021  history, significance quotes stories. benefit and facts about  yoga, food, exercise

yoga does not clanship to estates and creed, yoga is for all.

yoga outshine class, estates, and estimation, Yoga collects our culture.

Yoga makes the wits and the body refreshing and tightness-free life.

 People from all styles of lower forms of life can try out yoga and now because of covid, 

steadily more.

 yoga is pop up as the most friendly and consign way of life to keep your brain and body fit.

Is Surya namaskar is a violation of Article 28?

:- NO

 yoga is in every corner of the world today.

In the run-up to international yoga day.


The Indian consulates and the missions are geared up for yoga likelihood with the contribution of the locals.

 The high commissions out of India  posted pictures on Twitter of a hanging raise a thing ahead  of International day of yoga 2021.

For example

 High commission of India,  from Canberra, start yoga  in association with Divya  Jyoti Sansthan ( DJJS)


Cr angela Owen embossed and performed on the International day of yoga  2021  in Brisbane.

 India in Spain's high commission also performed the International day of yoga 2021.

India in Birmingham's high commission  also performed the International day of yoga 2021.

India  in Cambodia's high commission  also performed the International day of yoga 2021.

India in Bhutan's high commission also performed the International day of yoga 2021.


The ancient history of the modern ways of International day of yoga 2021

“ yoga was evolved thousands of years ago in India.

The word ( yoga ) was put forward in the timeworn Indian old culture texts like the” Rig Veda”.

The earliest among the Vedas.

due to boffin, sages of the Vedic times texted their exercises in the Upanishads   

Which comprise extremely beyond price core teachings of Indian philosophy and old doctrine.  


International day of yoga 2021 is commemorated every year all around the globe on  June 21.

First time globally, the International day of yoga commemorated on June 21, 2015, by UNITED NATION.

If I attached  also this year,  International day of yoga 2021  discharged of 6 year roving of health.

The international day of yoga was instigated by the worthy prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

 he pleased to UN, At the United Nations general assembly on September 27,2014.

After  His request 177 world countries at the united nations on December 11,2014 advocate a resolution to examine International Day Of Yoga in June (  International day of yoga 2021 ) ...     


  the new theme belongs to  International day of yoga 2021?

 The gist of these twelve months for yoga. 

 Be With Yoga push At Home With Be At Home.

             yoga for wellness.

                                        This is the gist of the year.

 Each year the gist has contrary for the International day of yoga 2021.

The last year 2020 gist is to stay at home and do yoga.


 The government of India has made the major groundwork for the International day of yoga 2021.

 The union ministry of tourism has also done the groundwork and regional offices have started week-long online groundwork at home.


  In Abroad or out of India  to commemorate the International day of yoga and a Yoga for Immunity will be held on June 19.

 A virtual or online program of yoga  was planned from two union Minister of India.


Along with so many eminent yoga teachers from India or out of India.


proficient yoga lectures came together to plead to the people of this planate,

To pick out yoga in your daily life and your day-to-day routine.

Yoga is reformed of themselves and gentleness.


One more lump of the report approach from Delhi.

 Union Ministry also float a  mobile application  Namaste Yoga  for the International day of yoga 2021.

What and how many exercises do  to seemly in your health?

 Yoga asanas or exercises performed for mental balance.

An ascent in mental illness has proportionally bloomed in the last few years.


I imposition to proffer the same attention to our mental health.

The world of yoga is everlasting.

types of  Asanas

 Pranayamas, mudras, a meditation adeptness.

That is the whole means of yoga.

 yoga is not only an exercise.

It is gaping. ( International day of yoga )

  Yoga mitigate revamp balance, leverage, staying power and aerobic extent and many more.

  Yoga can succor to empower memory.

  Yoga can relieve self-esteem.

 thereby plummet longing and hassle.

 (  International day of yoga 2021)


 Types of Asanas


Surya Namaskar



And other. 

palliate in supervise our emotions.

These bear oneself for calming and pop up our brain to a states informal mind.

Do yoga on International day of yoga 2021

 Benefits of yoga

outstrip thesis

outstrip your mood

outstrip patience

Build credence

 relax your mind


 Pranayama ( international day of yoga 2021)

It is a precise strain of restraining breathing.

This asana include holding one nostril closed  while inhaling wind, then  holding the other nostril closed while exhaling wind.

This exercise prevents many bodily and psychological merit.

Including shrink stress and improved sighs and circulation.

Do yoga and we toast the International day of yoga 2021.


Sethubandhasana ( international day of yoga 2021 )

 Start the stance by bent flat on your back.


fold your knees and elbows.


Place your feet  normal on the floor close to the hips and your hands firmly on either side of the head.

Then sustains both your hands and legs on the ground.


Slowly examine to lift your body up into the air.


steadily bring your body up into a standing moot. 

Do this moot on International day of yoga 2021


 Uttanasana ( international day of yoga 2021 )

arise and straight, fetch the feet hip-distance apart,

Without bending your knees, steadily bend your body above the trunk downwards.


See, your knees are linear.


You can permit hand and  hand down and rest  your palms on the ground.


push out your feet to the ankles.


push out this for 10 seconds.


steadily get back to the linear moot.

 start this exercise on the International day of yoga 2021.


inspects to manifest our brains of the trunk and the body.

Every single reactive juncture outlook or doing something.


This exercise mitigate to supervise  tensions  in a resting moot.


Then lie down on your back and close your eyes.

And try to calm your brain and body after these all exercises.

Start this most favorable exercise on the International day of yoga 2021.


 The world health organization has also told the member states to aid citizens to reduce physical inactivity through yoga.

 The WHO  has also hint at Yoga as a medium to brush up health in its global action plan for physical activity 2018.


 Food for support the International day of yoga 2021

While practicing yoga,

It is vital to eat the right kind of diet after and before yoga.

It is best to take a light diet before  the yoga class, so avoid eating  lots of food before your work out.


Experts advised having a small snack an hour prior.

From doing yoga such as nuts, seeds, berries, or dried fruits.



 After doing yoga,

It is good to drink plenty of water to replenish the fluids of the body.

21 जून 2021 is important for humans. 

 Do not eat too much or stuff yourself up after the yoga.

Eat a rich healthy and nutritious diet which are light and easy to digest.

   Follow these things start yoga on International yoga day 2021

PM Modi starts vaccination more large scale 18+ to 45+ PEOPLE Vaccinated free.

Today PM Modi launches a crash course program for front line covid worker all over India.

Who has introduced yoga first time to the Western world?

PM  MODI said  also o yoga is if the body is fit, the mind is a hit .

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Happy international day of yoga 2021


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