The Summer solstice is   experienced on which date,    the longest day of the year occurs the international day of yoga 2021

The Summer solstice is experienced on which date, the longest day of the year occurs the international day of yoga 2021

The Summer solstice is   experienced on which date,  

the overlong day of the year befalls the international day of yoga 2021


 We discussed that the   summer solstice 




The summer solstice is the overlong day of the year.

This is happening on Monday, 21 June 2021.

The Summer solstice is   experienced on which date,    the longest day of the year occurs the international day of yoga 2021


·        Summer solstice called so many other names likes  Estival solstice or midsummer.

·        This astronomical event happens two times in a year.

·        One in each hemisphere ( south and Northern)

·        The summer solstice takes place in the month of June.

·        The winter solstice occurs in December nearly 25



The summer solstice bash  commonly come 

 This year summer solstice place on 21 June 2021 on  the International day of yoga 2021.


When the sun directly   overhead the tropic of cancer at noon.

This event happed when the north pole  is titled about 23.4* ( 23* 27 ‘ ) towards the sun.


The summer solstice befalls in the northern mound each year between June  around  other  countries what is important about this day



In this position, the vertical noon shine  are direct upper side at the vivifying  of cancer ( 23* 27’ N )

·        Today due to the solstice, sunrise will be at 5:23 and the sunset at 7.21 pm, the day length begins 13:58


"Summer Solstice" means gain power


Summer solstice  wellness of summer



"earth biggest day" summer day 


"21 June" summer solstice happened in 2021


"२१ जून"


"What is the over longest day of the year summer"

  21 June 

"biggest day of the year"

 21 June summer solstice



"longest day of the year happened"




Why do we have a summer solstice?

5 countries that suffer winter and the summer solstice?

 Asian countries China, India, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea

This also means people living in the northern cupola experience summer during this time.

The rest of the year, the southern hemisphere gets more sunlight.

How many solar eclipses have comes on the summer solstice in the last 10000 years?

More than thousands.




it does not needful  mean


 it brings the fastest sunrise or longest sunset.

It leans on the latitudinal location of the country.

In which country summer solstice occur?


 How much time of sunlight will be we come on Monday?


·        In Mumbai, the rising sun was at 6:2 am and the sunset at 7:18 pm.


Time of sunrise and sunset and upper  and lower  temperature to the summer solstice 


The summer solstice lean on the latitudinal location of the area.

The north one moves from the equator, the more       light one receives during the summer solstice.


The sun never set during the solstice.


On this occasion   of solstice   2021, Union minister  Dharmendra Pradhan said

{   He believed the rising sun would lead to disease – free earth.

The day  insured  an annular solar eclipse, 

which was seeable in many parts of the world including India.}


The first day of summer   also brings   in the smallest night.

The Summer solstice is   experienced on which date,    the longest day of the year occurs the international day of yoga 2021

 The history behind the word summer solstice?

 The word { solstice } born  from the Latin word “sol” which means sun and “sister” which means stationary or standstill.


 THE summer solstice is an auspicious time to revere the  sun, align the body & mind with positive energy and embrace nature.

Sun worship has been an inborn  part of holy  traditions throughout old times and many cultures around the world.


Minister said that  solar solstice, the sun worship has been a thinking part of sacred traditions


History and many cultures across the world and the summer standstill is an auspicious time to revere the sun, align the body and mind with good power and nature attraction.

influence of watering plants at the starting of the summer solstice?

There Is no effect in watering in plants.

Solar standstill on yoga day is for taking satisfaction in the cross-cultural, universal, and holistic appeal of yoga and hoped that yoga guides people to immunity and unity.

 the day witnessed an annular solar eclipse, which was visible  and  the rings of fire were visible to people in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand...

 This day is denoted by the bigger  amount of energy received from the sun

According to NASA

The peace  of incoming power  the earth received from 

the sun on this day is 30 percent upper

At the north pole than at the equator.


Conclusion of the summer solstice

On this day, the earth’s highest  axial tilt close to the sun is 23.44*

standstill  is derived from the Latin words ‘sol’ sun and ‘sistere’ to standstill.

The overlong day of the year is the summer standstill.

Also says a midsummer or estival solstice.

The summer solstice, since prehistory, has been a valuable time of the year in many cultures.

The day is watched as the half of summer and referred to as midsummer.

In day is a sign of the emergence of life.

Which 5 countries have winter standstill and summer solstice?

In Scandinavia, the holiday of half summers eve is observed on weekends around the solstice.

In the united kingdom,  people come to Stonehenge 

and enjoy singing and dancing.

 This is all about summer solstice.

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