World environment day 2021 ; learn how to celebrate this day of nature , what is this year’s theme , 5th june , #UPSC # GREEN NATURE

World environment day 2021 ; learn how to celebrate this day of nature , what is this year’s theme , 5th june , #UPSC # GREEN NATURE

 World environment day 2021  learn how to celebrate this day of nature, what is this year’s theme?  why 5th is so important?


 Know how to celebrate this year of world environment day 2021 


world environment day 2021

We are discussing the day of nature from the beginning to 2021 
we should protect our environment because without a healthy and
the safe environment we can not survive in the future and the child future,
the imagination of society is also not to compete,
world environment day is observed year on 5th of June to make
people's environment aware from today and for the future 

What is the history behind The world environment day 2021?

The day was in fact discussed at the world environment
conference organized by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972s
this day was followed to the first Environment day of June 5, 1974, by the day of nature on June 5th in every year
this is also important for UPSC and the peoples future because this
is connected in every man's life all around the world,

Many of the things are important in our lives one of which is our environment 
it is the responsibility of all us and each of us to protect our environment but there is no denying that
human beings are the
ones who harm nature the most,
humans have done so many things  ranging from felling trees to
fattening dense forests,
a large number of trees are cut every year, that thing is completely wrong and
if we do not give anything to nature then we have no rights to take anything from nature

In this type of situation, the world environment day of 5th June
works to tell us about the ill effects of all these things and to make
our environment-conscious
we should take more focus on that, to
make our environment quality good.

We have required more connection to  nature the world
environment day is observed every year on 5th June with the objection of motivating
people to protect our environment to make
them aware of the safety of  nature and the environment each year a theme is put up to celebrate this day
on the basis of which this day is celebrated  to in this year 2021,
also, the theme has been set for this day  so let's know about the ways from this year theme to celebrating this day 

What is the theme of 2021  world environment day?

 The theme of this year -2021 is   like every year  this a year to the theme of the world environment day has been
laid down and  the theme for this year 2021 is  ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION
the restoration of ecosystems can take place in many forms as a tree,
growing greening  the city rebuilding gardens  cleaning the home roads  and
the city and river and banks  and many more 
everyone should resolve to restore the environment  
on this day or all over the year because this time 
all 365 days is more important to make your environment and  nature grow,
there is no denying that the existence of the entire humanity depends on  nature and 
we should dream and think of a healthy and safe environment day in this time 
there is  not enough of a single person to save  nature so we all have to come together to make resolutions
that will make our environment green again. like the theme on world Tabacco day 2021  recently 

Resolve again it is must world environment day 2021

Everyone must be taken a plants safety and take care of a plant at least once or twice a year  at the same time,
it should be resolved that they will not pollute river ponds,
in this addition, dump the garbage in the dustbin, instead  of throwing it anywhere so that
you can protect the environment, you can celebrate this day
world environment day  the picture was clicked in Goa  Panaji 


This day how to celebrate world environment day 2021?

On this day to means, 5th June to 31 December set a target that
we will plant a tree and take care till they do not grow in a good way or proper way,

Around the house  on the roof, of the house on the balcony of the house  in the garden  and
you can do more other things,
you can organize online competitions or
motivates people to plant a tree through their, own, instructions, and
do many more things like you can provide  home delivery of the plant someone wants to do but he or
she can not see how to do so you can help their proper way,

Every member of the family can plant a sapling each and at the same time,
can do it together to increase, the number of trees around you which is very important, in today's life in the world

Do outside with your friends and do clean the city and make your city more beautiful,
plant a tree in every free space where you get,

Talk to the people  you should aware more people
on this day through calls 
online video chat posts anything any social media tell them about the environment,
tell them why it is necessary to plant trees.
why the environment is so important for the future of your family, and any more thing,

Planting plant is not enough, thus, do take care of whatever you plant will grow 

We should understand one thing clean water, clean air, good oxygen,
good quality health of life is not possible without green environment 

If you give good to nature, nature will give you the best of the best thing on world environment day 2021 

Think that once


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